Julien's Po-Boys Has Great Taste!

With a variety of Po-Boys such as the Ragin Cajun, the Real Jule, the Cajun Kicker or the Shrimp just to name a few of the 29 different types of Po-Boys!  And we have Allen Brother Rib Eyes!

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You Want Shrimp & Seafood? You Got It!

A restaurant by any other name is still a restaurant. This is not the philosophy at Julien’s, but a place where customers are treated as friends, and consistency in the food is a must.

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We Even Bring The Beef!

Julien’s Po-Boys even has a hamburger Po-Boy as well as a Juicy Rib Eye Po-Boy! Something For Everybody!

1900 West University Ave Lafayette La

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At Julien’s, You’re Gonna Have Fun And, “Gonna Love Watcha Eat!”


1900 West University Lafayette La


Fresh Jumbo Shrimp is served on every Julien’s Shrimp Po-Boy! Find out why we are the difference!

Huge Selection

With 29 different types of Po-Boys, we have something for everyone! Our Rib Eye Po-Boys are To die for.

Fresh Salads

Fresh Salads & Seafood are just waiting for you now at Julien’s Po-Boys. Click to view our menu!

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We Love Julien's

Samuel Kenney Coleman  5 Star I  travel all over the state of Louisiana and this is the best Poboys I’ve ever eaten.

We Love Julien's

Exactly the kind of place that makes me love coming home to louisiana. Giant po-boys on bread that you can only get in Lafayette. Also, the onion rings are unlike any I have ever had. I have no idea how they got them so dang thin, but my cousin said we had to try dems rings and he was right.! Aieeee! Finally, the server was really friendly, attentive and had a fantastic acadian with and style.  Nick V  Atlanta, GA

We Love Julien's

Thank y’all A ZILLION for staying open for us!!!! Big Texas hugs!feeling lucky with Evan Gautreaux and John Gautreaux.

How Awesome is this

We Love Our Customers, Click Above…

We Love Julen's


“If you’re not a regular customer of Juliens Poboys then you are missing out! And Ashley, Laynie, Elizabeth, & Chris ROCK!” ~ Miguel Rivera


We Love Julien's

David Conway   Five Star Review: My wife and I stopped in at the University location Wednesday afternoon. My wife was born and raised in New Orleans and she said the po-boy bread was perfect and was what she grew up eating. We both chose catfish po-boys which were delightful. i ordered a whole sandwich and took half home to eat later. Bon Appetit Julien’s. We will come back and try some of your other great looking sandwiches!

We Love Julien's

Ragin Cajun poboy ….yummy. Also, our server calls me “boo”. That’s fun.— with Kalynn Hodde Champagne at Julien’s Famous Cajun Style Po-Boys Inc.

We Love Julien's

Harold Stutes — 5 Star My favorite poboy shop in Lafayette. I think the Real Jule should be it’s own food group!


We Love Julien's

Again, the Yelp App came through with flying colors. Had to be a little careful navigating some really narrow back streets in order to find a place to park the truck.

We both had the Catfish Po Boy with cole slaw and an order of extremely thin and extremely good onion rings. The Onion Rings were actually free due to my check in on Foursquare but the waitress had no idea what to do or how to do it so she just took them off of the bill. Nice small town and about a local as you could get.

One small complaint is the fact that they do not have lemons, only lemon juice packets. I find that a bit strange. Located in an unassuming strip mall, the place was fairly well packed even though it was after 8pm when we stopped.  Dave W.  Jackson, NJ 

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